Early 2015, we received invitation offering quote for bike share system equipment sheet metal assembly, including kiosks,map frame, docking stations. It was a great opportunity for our overseas project expand.

Why did client choose us?

Good management, rich experience in both sheet metal forming technique and project made us competitive in offering client a good solution and finally we won the case.

Mr. Ma, Chairman of Tong Da , a technologist expert in sheet metal industry, an emotional and responsible entrepreneur, who believes God will help the industrious people to realize their wishes. from Mold design to each step of forming, strict quality control is conducted. His passionate, open-minded makes each member of TD Technology are being treated like family. He said: “My dream since childhood is realized by witness growth of TD Technology, what is even more comforting is “our staff realized their dreams through wisdom and hard work at here” such as purchasing a house for their family.

Ivy Wang, General Manager of Overseas Project Department, 10 years project management experience. Determined, aggressiv

e, and with a winer-takes-all attitude. She has established Overseas project department and successfully led the team members to expand international sales revenue from 0 to 1.

There is a simple project work flow on project page:by visiting http://www.www.tdtechnology.com.cn/project, you would have a basic understanding about TD Technology project operation work flow.

We would write more articles about project management.