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Embedded parts for architecture

Building Embedded steel parts are used in modern construction engineering.
There are varieties types design, generally customized according to design requirements.


Embedded parts (prefabricated embedded parts) is pre-installed (buried) in the concealed components. Is placed in the structure of the structural fittings, used for laying the upper structure of the lap. In order to facilitate the installation of external engineering equipment base fixed. Embedded parts are mostly made of metal, such as steel or cast iron, but also wood, plastic and other non-metallic rigid materials.

According to its different structure, embedded parts can be divided into three types

How to install embedded parts for a building?

  • Measurement positioning
    The technician should be familiar with the drawing, and then the Surveyor draws out the control lines and elevation control lines of the embedded parts according to the technical survey requirements.

  • Fixing bracket
    The bottom of the fixed support pile should be welded reliably and completely separated from the template fixed frame and the reinforcing bar fixed frame, and the fixed frame should have enough rigidity and stability.

  • Bolt Placing
    After the fixed bracket is set up, the center should be fixed according to the positioning line, then the elevation should be adjusted, and temporary reinforcement should be carried out according to the requirements of the program.

  • Retest Final Fixation
    After the installation of the bolts and embedded parts, the surveyors shall adjust and check the bolts and embedded parts again, and then weld and fix the lower part of the bolts and the fixing frame. At the same time, the Bolt fixing frame is strengthened by welding scissors support in both vertical and horizontal directions.

What Type Steel Embedded Parts are needed for your building?
  • Anchor ribs embedded parts in the concrete
  • Concrete embedded parts for constructions
  • Curtain wall embedded parts
  • Pre-embedded parts
Pictures for your Embedded parts are probably one of these or similar
Steel Embedded parts that Tuda has been manufacturing
Could Tuda produce according to your design? Definitely Yes.  Any OEM Embedded parts or steel structure is welcomed! Just send us your drawing or sample.
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