The leakproofness test shall be performed on all design types of packagings intended to contain liquids; however, this test is not required for the inner packagings of combination packagings.

Number of test samples: three test samples per design type and manufacturer.

Special preparation of test samples for the test: vented closures shall either be replaced by similar non-vented closures or the vent shall be sealed.

Test method and pressure to be applied: the packagings, including their closures, shall be restrained under water for 5 minutes while an internal air pressure is applied. The method of restraint shall not affect the results of the test.

The air pressure (gauge) to be applied shall be:

Packing group I

Packing group II

Packing group III

Not less than 30 kPa (0.3 bar)

Not less than 20 kPa (0.2 bar)

Not less than 20 kPa (0.2 bar)