Full Range Climbing Wall T-Nuts Design is Here

What is the application of different climbing wall T-Nuts designs? Which design is the best choice for your project/Gym from tensile strength and purchasing cost aspect?

Let’s find out. The below chart is a very clear comparison.

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Base Design Size Material Application Cost Characteristics
Diamond Base Length: 40mm
Width: 25mmBarrel length: 18mm(Base material thickness included)
Carbon Steel Rock Climbing, Outdoor Climbing, Indoor Climbing. Higher than all the other designs due to the raw material used and production technique. The thread could be half thread which makes it a very strong performance from the tensile strength aspect
Rectangular Base M10 or 3/8″-16 with 12mm Barrel Length, M10  or 3/8″-16 with 20mm Barrel Length Carbon steel for M10 or 3/8″-16 with 20mm Barrel Length, Stainless steel 304 and carbon steel for M10  or 3/8″-16 with 12 mm Barrel Length Rock Climbing, Outdoor Climbing, Indoor Climbing Production/Purchasing cost is between Diamond Base and Round Base Screw-in Type Climbing Wall T-Nuts, 2 screws per piece. Stainless steel Climbing Wall T-Nuts are used in outdoor projects which have good corrosion resistance. From a quantity aspect, it is the most widely used type among all the designs in the market.
Round Base M10x 12 (12mm barrel length, included base material thickness); M10 x22 (22mm barrel length, base included) The big base one, carbon steel: M10 with 12mm barrel, carbon steel and stainless steel 304 are both available Outdoor Climbing, Indoor Climbing Production cost is lower than the rectangular base Screw-in type Climbing Wall T-Nuts, 3 screws per piece
4 Pronged T-Nuts M10 with 12mm barrel length, AND 3/8″-16 x 7/16 4 Pronged Stainless steel 304 T-Nuts Carbon steel, stainless steel 304, Stainless steel A2/A4 Outdoor Climbing, Indoor Climbing The stainless steels type are used for some Projects in coastal areas The most economical one among all the designs, it is normally used for the indoor climbing wall,  your home-based DIY Climbing Wall for instance, or Children climbing wall.